Client Servicing

We were taught that quality in a service or product is not what we put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it.

Our primary objective is to ensure that our customers insurance needs are fulfilled with an outstanding service.

You might wonder why you should request our services. We will actually help you learn what you need to know, to make an informed buying decision.

To meet the customer’s expectations and even to exceed them, we first listen to the customer then we act as intermediaries between insurer and client, helping to assess the client's business and risk profile, and accordingly suggesting appropriate coverage.



Contact Info

Aramax bldg, 3rd floor
Sin el fil - boulevard
Beirut - Lebanon

Phone: +961 1 493093
                +961 1 494670/680/690
                +961 3 753659
                +961 1 311545
Fax: +961 1 493093 ext 237
Saghieb bldg, ground floor
Achrafieh - sioufi
Beirut - Lebanon